Lyrics to Flames of Paradise
by Elton John

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[edit]Song titleFlames of Paradise
[edit]Artist nameElton John
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Duet with Jennifer Rush
Written by Bruce Roberts and Andy Goldmark

You're walking, talking like a flame, baby
You're walking, talking like a flame, baby

Never knew what my heart would be facing
Guess I must have been blind
saying goodbye yo you, baby
Close my eyes at night I can taste it
I'm running back in the fire
where I once had you, baby

You said don't ever leave me
But I say that's something I won't ever do

I want you back in my arms
In the flames of paradise
In the flames of paradise
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In the flames of paradise
The flames of paradise

I give all of my love just to you
It's been so long baby
I give you all my love waits for you
Don't take too long baby

I've been making some brave conversation
Telling friends I'm way better off without you
Then I was living in my imagination
Thinking I could make it without you too baby

My heart tried to deceive me
But that's one thing it just can't do

You said don't ever leave me
Oh that's one thing I won't ever do
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Lyrics to Flames of Paradise
by Elton John

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