Lyrics to My Thief
by Elvis Costello

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[edit]Song titleMy Thief
[edit]Artist nameElvis Costello
The Costello Show
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When I go to sleep, you become my thief
Why don't you steal, what you can keep?
But you won't let me be, you break into my dreams
And everyday seems different

Sometimes I pretend, you'll come back again
And you'll console the heart you stole
Have pity on the man who knows that you have gone
And has begun to break down

I feel almost possessed
So long as I don't lose this glorious distress then
You can take all I've left, I know it's over
If you can't be my lover, be my thief

Find more similar lyrics on'm so drowsy now, I'll unlock the door
What fades in time will hurt much more
So here's that happy scene where you come back to me
It's only found in fiction

I feel almost possessed
So long as I don't lose this glorious distress then
You can take all I have left, I know it's over
If you can't be my lover, be my thief

I didn't lead you on, but there will always be
A little larceny in everyone
So hush and don't you cry
I'm trying to be kind because I have a perfect alibi
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Lyrics to My Thief
by Elvis Costello

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