Lyrics to So Young
by Elvis Costello

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[edit]Song titleSo Young
[edit]Artist nameElvis Costello
The Costello Show
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do do do do do

So young, we've discovered, got them so confused
Don't mind putting the time in, it's shocking
That's what they all say now when we're walking hand in hand
As one, you and I

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, you said it's timed out
We've got them hangin' on a string
There's no time for compromises, we got that good old thing

So young, so young
So young, so young
So young, so young
So young, so young

It's wrong to run for cover, we've got them in a spin
You don't mind sticking the sticker in, it's too late
Find more similar lyrics on's what they all say now when we're walking hand in hand
As one, you and I

So young, so young
So young, so young
So young, so young
So young, so young

Do do do do do
Do do do

So young, so young
So young, so young
So young, so young
So young, so young

So young, so young
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Lyrics to So Young
by Elvis Costello

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