Lyrics to Someone Took The Words Away
by Elvis Costello

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[edit]Song titleSomeone Took The Words Away
[edit]Artist nameElvis Costello
The Costello Show
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Poor head
Can hardly move my lips for speaking
I said
So, what is this thing I can explain?
I'd blame all the things I feel but can't quite place
Perhaps they're written on my face
Someone took the words away

Why don't you speak up and say what you mean?
Summon my powers of conversation
I talk to myself
Find more similar lyrics on'm fine
When you're around
Then I decline the invitation

It's strange to finally find myself so tongue tied
A change has come over me
I'm powerless to express
Every thing I know but cannot speak
And if I try my voice will break
Someone took the words away
Someone took the words away
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Lyrics to Someone Took The Words Away
by Elvis Costello

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