Lyrics to Are you Lonesome Tonight
by Elvis Presley

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[edit]Song titleAre you Lonesome Tonight
[edit]Artist nameElvis Presley
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Are you lonesome tonight?
Do you miss me tonight?
Are you sorry we drifted apart?
Does your memory stray,
To a bright, summer day,
When I kissed you,
And called you sweetheart?

Do the chairs in your parlor,
Seem empty and bare?
Do you gaze at your doorstep,
And picture me there?
Is your heart filled with pain?
Shall I come back again?
Tell me dear,
Are you lonesome tonight?

Spoken with backup singers crooning in the background:
I wonder if you're lonesome tonight?
You know someone said that the world's a stage,
And each must play a part.
Fate had me playing in love with you as my sweetheart.

Act one was when we met, I loved you at first glance.
You read your lines so cleverly and never missed a cue.
Then came act two, you seemed to change, you acted strange,
And why I've never know.

Honey, you lied when you said you loved me.
And I had no cause to doubt you.
But I'd rather go on hearing your lies,
Than to go on living without you.

Now the stage is bare and I'm standing there,
With emptiness all around.
And if you won't come back to me,
Then they can bring the curtain down.

Is your heart filled with pain?
Shall I come back again?
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Are you lonesome tonight?

Written by: Lou Handman & Roy Turk-1926
Performed by: Elvis Presley2-1964
Appears on: Are You Lonesome Tonight? (7" Single)-1960, The '68 Comeback
Special (Video)-1968, Elvis' Golden Records-1964, Elvis Forever-1974, Elvis
Aron Presley-1980, The Collection-1984, The Number One Hits-1987, Best Artist
of the Century-2000, The Very Best of Love-2001, 30 #1 Hits (1956-1976)-2003,
Malt Shop Memories: Juke Box Gems (Various Artists)-20063, et al.

1During live performances, Elvis would occasionally change the lyrics just
to be funny. One popular instance was recorded in Las Vegas in 1969. During
the performance, instead of singing, "Do you gaze at your doorstep and
picture me there?" he sings, "Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had
hair?" Then he burst into laughter which continued into the next lines.
Meanwhile the band and backup singers continued to keep the song going.
Hearing the solo backing singer, whose falsetto remained resolute throughout,
Elvis was again overcome by laughter. So overtaken, Elvis encourages the
backup singer to, "Sing it, baby," drawing even more laughter which nearly
brings the house down. Elvis sais at the end, "That's it, man, fourteen years
right down the drain...boy, I'll tell ya." The version is considered to be a
popular underground classic.

2A number of artists recorded "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" In 1927, composer
Lou Handman himself played piano while his sister Edith provided the vocals.
Vaughn DeLeath (also known as "The Original Radio Girl") recorded the song
twice, in June and September. Another version was released by famed tenor
Henry Burr. The first charting version was recorded in 1950 by Blue Barron.
Only a few weeks after Barron's recording, Al Jolson recorded a version of
the song in April of 1950. In 1959, Jaye P. Morgan recorded it while Elvis
was in the Army. This led to the best-known recording, recorded on April 4,
1960, by Elvis. It went on to be one of the biggest-selling singles of 1960,
peaking at number one on the Billboard pop chart for six weeks. Other
noteable covers are, Pat Boone, Doris Day, The E Connection, Connie Francis,
Jackie Gleason, Merle Haggard, Engelbert Humperdinck, Bryan Hyland, The
Jordanaires, Barry Manilow, Al Martino, Anne Murray, The Osmonds, Leon
Redbone, Jeannie C. Riley, Tiny Tim, Dottie West, Lawrence Welk, Ted
Williams, et al.

3Transcribed from the track on this album.
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Lyrics to Are you Lonesome Tonight
by Elvis Presley

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