Lyrics to It's Gonna Take Time
by Embrace

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[edit]Song titleIt's Gonna Take Time
[edit]Artist nameEmbrace
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When the light at the end of it all is a speeding train
I'll be driving wait for me
Come on make up the weight, 'cause it's never going to stop
Till, I've run all your hurt away

No, don't you feel ashamed if nothing feels right?
How can things improve
If I'm hard on myself and on everyone else?
If it's good enough to shout about

You won't need more time to work it out
Find more similar lyrics on what you want get what you need
'Cause you take too long and we're losing speed
It's gonna take time

I've been burned by you so many times
I'll come back for more, you won't shake the light from me

No, I won't feel ashamed if nothing feels right
How can things improve
If I'm hard on myself and on everyone else?
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Lyrics to It's Gonna Take Time
by Embrace

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