Lyrics to Blessed are Those
by Embraced

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[edit]Song titleBlessed are Those
[edit]Artist nameEmbraced
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When I feel the things I feel
I do not understand
What in life is real
reach out and touch my hand

Visions from the future
Like whipsers from the dead
Manipulated machines
Screams inside my head
I can hear the laughter
And I can hear the cries
The lonesome child screaming
In a world of lies

Blessed are those who do not know
Who cannot see or hear
Blessed are those who cannot see
Or taste the vicous fear

Blessed are those who do not know
That nothing is for real
Blessed are those who do not know
That there's nothing left to feel

Evil resurrected
Forever to survive
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Dead but still alive

Diabolic creatures
Infects humanity
No hope for the living
Blind by greed eyes cannot see
Praying for salvation
We fall down on the ground
regrets for our own living
When dreams cannot be found

Blessed are those who do not know
Who cannot see or hear
Blessed are tose who cannot see
Or taste the vicious fear

When dreams turn into anquish
The withering begins
Like autumn leaves we fall down
No redemption for our sins

Paranoid illusions
In a mind of decay
Artificial living
Death comes our way
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Lyrics to Blessed are Those
by Embraced

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