Lyrics to Eyes of Prophecy
by Emerald Sun

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[edit]Song titleEyes of Prophecy
[edit]Artist nameEmerald Sun
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Is the path that takes you in
To meet your secret dream
That you 're keeping in your fantasy

In the night on a magical tree
Close your eyes and you will see
That your dream will become reality

In your unborn seven dreams
To find dragons and kings
The empty nights of the oldest world

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Your dream it shall be done
'Cause you have the eyes of prophecy

"I see the horizon, I see
the stars of the sky I see
birds around the sun, I wish I
could fly To see the paradise,
where there 's no cry But this
is only a dream, I wish I
could die?

The eyes of prophecy
The eyes of prophecy
The eyes of prophecy
The eyes of prophecy
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Lyrics to Eyes of Prophecy
by Emerald Sun

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