Lyrics to Let the Lightning Strike
by Emerald

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[edit]Song titleLet the Lightning Strike
[edit]Artist nameEmerald
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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With horses on fire we ride to defend our land
Evil has taken the world in its mighty hand
The fight has begun, we're pulling our swords made of steel
Cannot protect your family, this threat is for real

The men are forced to fight by their honour and pride
But freedom and glory make them see the light
No one's a coward, all standing strong 'till the end
The martyr is beaten, the danger is still not banned

We want to carry on, standing strong
Going on and on for world security
Don't wanna live in fear 'cause the end is near
We're trying to protect the only thing we've got
And it's a lot - it's our independence

Find more similar lyrics on the strong will survive they used to say
The almighty father will guide 'em on their ways
It's a long and tedious march but they have to keep up
With their willpower and courage they're never gonna stop

The most dangerous enemy is waiting behind his own mask
The almighty soldiers got a new last task
The are about to find the only truth
But only a few know the answers you gotta guess who!!

We want to carry on, standing strong
Going on and on for world security
Don't wanna live in fear 'cause the end is near
We're trying to protect the only thing we've got
And it's a lot - it's our independence
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Lyrics to Let the Lightning Strike
by Emerald

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