Lyrics to Tylenol Island
by Eminem

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[edit]Song titleTylenol Island
[edit]Artist nameEminem
Marshall MathersSlim Shady
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Slim mother fuckin' Shady....alright
Missy Elliot, Timbo, c'mon, yo

Verse 1:

I'm homicidal, and suicidal, with no friends
holdin a gun with no handles,
just a barrel at both ends
sprayin' techs at you
until you see your fuckin legs with
the bullets holes and the exit
wounds layin' next to you.
fuckin' mad dog, foamin' out the mouth
fuck mouth, my whole house is foamin' out the couch
jumped outta a 93 floor of a buildin'
and shot every window out on the way
to the ground(keep filmin)
woke up to a hospital staff
got up and laughed
chopped em in half
and sufficated your oxygen mask
Shit if I get any higher ima get the
east and west beefin' again
fly back to Detroit and stand in the cross-fire

(Ken Kaniff's voice) oh fuck...oh shit
I got the hotel room ready
what time are you gettin
Find more similar lyrics on shall I say Eminem - aight, yo,
yo, yo one more time, yo

what time are you comin' over

Verse 2:

yo, yo, im only smilin' when im violent,
got on the plane wylin,
told the pilot to fly me to Tylenol Island
stewardess like "you restless?"
"no bitch, im restful so hold
this fuckin jet still so i can eat
these pretzels"
Forget school,
the other kids are disrespectful,
they hold me down and play
connect-the-dots with my freckles
I can't take it
i'm tryin to gain weight,
so I eat steak
and swallow the whole plate
and weigh myself, naked
without albums
to teach kids family values
cuz every mom and dad should allow you to pop valiums
and never hit someone unless you got a reason
and if there ain't a reason
make one up - start swingin'
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Lyrics to Tylenol Island
by Eminem

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