Lyrics to Gold
by Emmylou Harris

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[edit]Song titleGold
[edit]Artist nameEmmylou Harris
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh, the night is growing colder
And the stars have lost their shine
And I have been forsaken
By everything I thought was mine

For in the darkest hour
When the final story's told
No matter how bright I glittered, baby
I could never be gold

You gave up your finest treasure
For the one you saw in me
But how could I know the measure
Of all you needed me to be

Though I came with sweet intentions
More my pockets could not hold
No matter how bright I glittered, baby
I could never be gold

I finally gave up counting
Find more similar lyrics on ways you said I let you down
When I fell into that river of no return
And you watched me drown

Oh, I could sparkle like a diamond
Have silver line my soul
But no matter how I glittered, baby
I could never be gold

You looked so high and low for heaven
I tried so hard to show the way
But though I flew on wings of angels
My feet were always made of clay

I could come trailing clouds of glory
But you saw nothing to behold
No matter how bright I glittered, baby
I could never be gold
No matter how bright I glittered, baby
I could never be gold
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Lyrics to Gold
by Emmylou Harris

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