Lyrics to Spanish is a Loving Tongue
by Emmylou Harris

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[edit]Song titleSpanish is a Loving Tongue
[edit]Artist nameEmmylou Harris
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Spanish is a loving tongue
Soft as music, light as spray
Was a girl he learned it from
Living down Sonora way

He don't look much like a lover
But he says her love words over
Mostly when he's all alone
Mi amor mi corazon

On the nights that he would ride
She would listen for his spurs
Throw those big doors open wide
Raise them laughing eyes of hers

How those hours would get to flying
Find more similar lyrics on too soon he'd hear her sighing
In her little sorry tone
Mi amor mi corazon

He ain't seen her since that night
He can't cross the line you know
They want him for a gamblin' fight
Like as not it's better so

Yet he's always sort of missed her
Since that last sad night he kissed her
Lost his heart, left her own
Adios mi corazon
Lost his heart, left her own
Adios mi corazon
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Lyrics to Spanish is a Loving Tongue
by Emmylou Harris

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