Lyrics to Needless
by Endless

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[edit]Song titleNeedless
[edit]Artist nameEndless
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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And another waiting
... thousands of days disappear in the fog
And another dream
... the gallery of grey faces
And another forgotten faces
... it's easy to hurt somebody
And another pain
... you even don't know where it hurts

The hands... which never hugged anybody
The words... which were never said
The feelings... which nobody showed

Only another rain
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recognize rain from tears
Only another tears
... hidden behind black mask

Only another masks
... words of interior over shouted by cold
Only another words
... nobody is interested in them
Only anotherneedless
... needless words,
needless man, needless day

"How can be a man needless?"
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Lyrics to Needless
by Endless

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