Lyrics to Bondage's Coronation
by Enid

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[edit]Song titleBondage's Coronation
[edit]Artist nameEnid
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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While the ranks and ramparts rise
One load soul melts away.

When distrust of vastrous size
Makes that realms do decay,
When the dust of kingdoms dies
Guilt and blood lines my way.

The eldest man says that
the grace of a dream
fades away
Whenever it seems that a
part of this dream has
come true.
The eldest man says that
only the dreams will do
Will darkness arise then
the good in your heart
will not
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In my darkest days
Anger and disgrace
Overwhelms my brain,
I do curse my strain.

I can't sleep no more
Worms gnaw near the core,
Doubts come through the night
Taking the rests of delight.

When my thoughts go round
They go back to when
Home has been my haunt,
I want myself back again.

In my darkest days
Anger and disgrace
Overwhelms my brain,
I do curse my strain.
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Lyrics to Bondage's Coronation
by Enid

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