Lyrics to Addicted
by Enrique Iglesias

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[edit]Song titleAddicted
[edit]Artist nameEnrique Iglesias
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Have I told you how good
It feels to be me
When I'm in you?
I can only stay clean
When you are around
Don't let me fall, oh no

If I close my eyes forever
Would it ease the pain?
Could I breathe again?

Maybe I'm addicted
I'm out of control
But you're the drug
That keeps me from dyin'
Maybe I'm a liar
But all I really know is
You're the only reason I'm tryin'

I am wasted away
I made a million mistakes
Am I too late? Oh yeah
There is a storm in my head
It rains on my bed
When you are not here, oh

I'm not afraid of dying
But I am afraid of
Losin' you

Maybe I'm addicted
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But you're the drug
That keeps me from dyin'
Maybe I'm a liar
But all I really know is
You're the only reason I'm tryin'

When you're lyin' next to me
Love is goin' through to me
Oh it's beautiful
Oh yeah
Everythin' is clear to me
'Till I hit reality
And I lose it all
I lose it all
I lose it all
(I lose it all)
na na nana na x3

You're the only reason
Yeah, you're the only reason I'm tryin'
(May be I'm addicted)
Oh, I'm tryin', I'm tryin', I'm tryin'
(May be I'm addicted)
Don't want to lose it all
Maybe I'm a liar
But all I really know
Is you're the only reason I'm tryin'
Yeah, you know I'm addicted
Yeah, you know I'm addicted
Yeah, you know I'm addicted
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Lyrics to Addicted
by Enrique Iglesias

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