Lyrics to Neverdawn
by Enter My Silence

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[edit]Song titleNeverdawn
[edit]Artist nameEnter My Silence
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Is it me, a memory of deepest love?
Distant voices prayed for me...
After the suffering I can't believe I am alive
I faded love for you...

I roam into the nightsky - Neverdawn
Like the light our love now gone
I fantasize - I see a dead sun
no more shining for our love - Neverdawn

Find more similar lyrics on into this dark dominion - the gray sky
Like lovers sun and moon collide
Still no dawn reveals - it's time is far away
I faded love for you...

I roam into the nightsky - Neverdawn
Like the light our love now gone
I fantasize - I see a dead sun
no more shining for our love - Neverdawn
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Lyrics to Neverdawn
by Enter My Silence

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