Lyrics to When Hell Freeze over
by Enthroned

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[edit]Song titleWhen Hell Freeze over
[edit]Artist nameEnthroned
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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trilogy part 1

Narrative by nornagest:

1632, Namur in a forlorn corner of the town,
"striking midnight, the pendulum ironically
engaged us to remember wich use, we did of the
fleding day. Today, fatadical date, friday 13th we
have although everything we know about the way to
lead the PATH OF BLASPHEMY..." J. Carnières

"We've blaspheme jesus, of the most
incontestable gods, like a parasite he his!! We've
got everything to please to the coarse !! Satan's
worthy vassals we are insulting what human loved,
hail our mighty father, as we walk through
emptiness, our unhealthy symphony's enveloping
souls till their latest and eternal dwell... in
HELL !!!


1st lead by nornagest
2nd lead by nerath daemon

demonical story by sabathan:
In the shadow of the light dark beings had found
their path, strange noises has been heard, it
seems that evil spirits haunts his town, or
perhaps strange men who came from another world,
another dimension?

As i was told by our forthfathers... corpses were
found skinless, crucified, like the holy son,
women open wide their children in their arms,
nails through the head ! Maybe this story... is
related by someone who know it all...
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We've blaspheme jesus, of the most incontestable
gods, like a parasite he his!! We've got
everything to please to the coarse !! We are
demon's worthy vassals we are insulting what human
loved, father what they fear ! As we walk through
emptiness, our unhealthy symphony's enveloping
souls till their latest and eternal dwell..

sadness, servile executioner, the weak who's wrong
through our spears, brainless strongs we hate...
and to the master we deliver our faith ! Kiss the
stupid mater lick their mother with a mighty
devotion, from putrefaction, Bless the pale gleam,
at last we've to drown griddiness into delirium...
Us proud reverends of the blackened horde ! Whose
glory is to spread the inebriety from darkness !!!

1st lead by nerath daemon
2nd lead by nornagest
3rd lead by nerath daemon
4th lead by nornagest

In our destructive consciousness we blast the
candle of life for the return of evil emanations,
from the very depths of satan's kingdom, 666
mutilations achieved the gates are now shut,
shadows and whispers have disappeared, the town
seems to be quiet but a unholy presence still rule
the streets at night, waiting thy loneliness to
catch you and open your chest with their spears
made from your fears....

MILLENNIUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when hell freezes over is based on a true

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Lyrics to When Hell Freeze over
by Enthroned

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