Lyrics to Hamesha
by Entity Paradigm

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[edit]Song titleHamesha
[edit]Artist nameEntity Paradigm
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Silsile tor ke
Chal diye kidhar
Aik hee mor pe
Bas aik hee nazar
Beetay dino'n kee woh baatain
Yaad hain magar
Kuch naheen is jahan mein
Jo tu nahin idhar

Aik mein aik tu
Aik hee basar
Aik hee jaan pe
Marte hain magar
Beetay dino'n kee woh baatain
Yaad hain magar
Kuch nahin is jahan mein
Jo tu nahin idhar

Chahay kuch bhee ho ja'ye
Mein rahoon ga
Chahay waqt thum ja'ye
Mein rahoon ga
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Mein rahoon ga
Maut a'ye tau a'ye
Mein rahoon ga

Close my eyes I picture you inside
Its like a memory, a curse that I can't deny
Days are vague and I can't explain
Tryin to hold on to your gift of pain
Its like a deja vu comin all around
Tryna break me tryna bring me down
See I'm too strong to face any of this
I'm walking away from your God forsaken bliss

Chahay kuch bhee ho ja'ye
Mein rahoon ga
Chahay waqt thum ja'ye
Mein rahoon ga
Mein rahoon ga hamesha
Mein rahoon ga
Maut a'ye tau a'ye
Mein rahoon ga
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Lyrics to Hamesha
by Entity Paradigm

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