Lyrics to Seif Al Din "the Embrace That Smothers - Part Vi"
by Epica

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[edit]Song titleSeif Al Din "the Embrace That Smothers - Part Vi"
[edit]Artist nameEpica
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The origin of a dogma
Placed in a new millennium
Vilified demons have been embraced
And given a warm welcome

The Seif al Din
Hasn't got the ghost of a chance to rust
Because it has always been kept in shape
In serving the one Almighty

The rudiments have always been misinterpreted during history,
despite the good intentions of many disciples who's faithful believe was strong and unswayed.
Most leaders interpret the old words to their
Find more similar lyrics on in the attempt of gaining leadership and power
over those unfortunate enough to fall under their maliciousness and manipulative ways.
This misuse of trust will forever stain the pages of history,
echoing the exploitation and the frailty of decent
men carried away by nurtured rancour...

Perpetual distrust fed by a belief
In the malevolence of the others

When the beautiful unreality holds out its hand
It's better not to lose yourself in blind faith

La Illah Illallah, Mohammed rasul Allah
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Lyrics to Seif Al Din "the Embrace That Smothers - Part Vi"
by Epica

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