Lyrics to No Doubt
by Erasure

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[edit]Song titleNo Doubt
[edit]Artist nameErasure
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Where it is, you wont say, but it hurts
Put your lips next to mine and apart

Why won't you open your heart?
I feel it coming, it grows up my spine
I'm dying to show you what love is about
The tears that are falling, there's no room for doubt
For all the changes we've been through

Find more similar lyrics on's an art just to give, will I learn?
To visualize what you want from my life

It's more than enough just to gaze in your eyes
I'm dying to show you what love is about
To tease you and please you, we must work it out
I know all your secrets so sad
For all the changes we've been through
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Lyrics to No Doubt
by Erasure

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