Lyrics to Wonderful Tonight
by Eric Clapton

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[edit]Song titleWonderful Tonight
[edit]Artist nameEric Clapton
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's late in the evening, she's wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her make up and brushes her long blonde hair
And then she asks me, "Do I look alright?"
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight"

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady, that's walking around with me
And then she asks me, "Do you feel alright?"
And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight"

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Because I see the love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you

It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head
So I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed
And then I tell her, as I turn out the light
I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight
Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight"
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Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight Recording details & track overview

[WONDERFUL TONIGHT] Written by: Eric Clapton{1} & Michael Kamen Performed by: Eric Clapton Appears on: Slowhand-1977{2}, The Cream of Eric Clapton-1987 (UK), Complete Clapton-2007 (Barnes & Noble Exclusive), et al. {1}Written for Clapton's future wife, Patty Boyd (George Harrison's ex-wife), while he was waiting for her to get ready for a party. Some say it was written more out of impatience than love, either way the end result was sure a success. {2}Transcribed from the track on this album......MORE.....(all Wonderful Tonight track/recording details)

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Lyrics to Wonderful Tonight
by Eric Clapton

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