Lyrics to Can't Stop
by Erick Onasis

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[edit]Song titleCan't Stop
[edit]Artist nameErick Onasis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
Macauly Culkin, "Home Alone" lustin
Tuesday night we stop by Justin's
Check the scene, immaculate
Grab the bottle from the bar and dismantle it
Who you wit, spot a chick for my man to get
She a big body girl, I can handle it
Cuz my money blow 'em
If I had the voice of my man
Sisqo, I could see the thong
But I'm not so I flash the yacht master
And the gold seal so I can get it faster
Eye contact, said my name Onasis
Check myself from catching hot flashes
This girl is just too much
Quench my thirst wit a glass of,
"Puffy" punch
And that's the real, I'm the realest nigga ever seen
Fuck a gun, stop me, try a laser beam

CHORUS 2X: Dave Hollister
Where we goin, goin
How we movin, movin
What we doin, doin
Who she bouncin wit? "Keep bouncing"
Can't stop movin, movin, movin
"Keep bouncing"
Can't stop groovin, groovin, groovin

Verse 2
Yo, same night, shit's right, glide down the block
Club Cheetahs, the other spot, uh
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I bought the hoe, "you know!"
Inside, Deborah Cox, LL Cool...
J, broads hangin off the barstools
Uh, I'm the shit, I break down to any figure
"Trick" 'em you don't
know "Nann Nigga"
Uh, around the chicks I flash the bread
Never, ever get over my head, I front
instead, "trust me"
Me, I won't risk it
I do it all for the "Nookie"
like Fred from Limp Bizkit
So I snooze 'em, seven day yacht cruise 'em
Do what I want to and then lose 'em
For real, me and my squad's off the hook
Case closed, end of story, close the book


Verse 3
"I hate E so much right now"
I don't give a fuck, I be like ch ch BLAU!
Gettin hoes with asses like WOW
Laughin at y'all how you like me now, uh
I get the money baby, aint nothin funny baby
Carrots are for Bugs Bunny baby
To each his own, I rock til the spot is blown
Club hoppin, once again it's on

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Lyrics to Can't Stop
by Erick Onasis

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