Lyrics to If I Can't Have u
by Esham

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[edit]Song titleIf I Can't Have u
[edit]Artist nameEsham
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(I'm gon kill that bitch
Why you do this to me baby?
Somethin's wrong, somethin's definitely wrong
Somethin's wrong)

Early Sunday morning I woke up from my sleep
My bitch was on the creep
And shit was gettin knee deep
I looked up at the clock, it said 12:02
And ain't no tellin what I'm bout to do
I thought she knew
Animalistic nigga out the zoo
Crazy, oh it's true
Call my bitch boo
I jumped up out the bed, I saw
her panties on the flo'
Got visions of a nigga fuckin my ho
At the mo-mo
I left up out the house, my mind was still in a daze
I left the street sweeper, dragged around in a rage
Paranoid, I betta calm down fo' i bust
12:30 in the mornin, thinkin who can I trust?
Cuz I know she with that nigga that I saw in my dream
And once I catch the bitch, I'ma make the ho scream
So now I walk around with the gauge in my hand
Cuz my bitch sucks the dick of some other man

If I can't have nigga can....andx2
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I smell pussy all the way from up the block
As I walk
Schizophrenic, as the voices in my
head start to talk, sayin
(You know yo bitch fuckin that nigga,
you know yo bitch fuckin that nigga
You know yo bitch fuckin that nigga,
Damn--I end up at the Motel 6
I see my car parked in front,
visions of pussies and dicks
I thought my dick was the only dick she sucked,
the only nigga she fucked
I guess I was wrong, then my mind got gone
It was on
Metamorphasize, now she dies
Dr. Jekyl turns into Mr. Hyde
I ran to the room with the strongest pussy fumes
Comin through the do', didn't know what was in sto'
I kicked the do' open...oh shit, guess what I saw?
Eazy-E, was fuckin my bitch raw--AW

(Not Eazy, not EAZY!!)

If I can't have you, no nigga canx2

( gotta kill my
bitch--I'm gon miss her)
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Lyrics to If I Can't Have u
by Esham

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