Lyrics to I Might
by Estro & Big Money

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[edit]Song titleI Might
[edit]Artist nameEstro
[edit]FeaturingBig Money
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1 (Estro)
she's a coy cute girl from a small town
with a pretty face, brown eyes and shy smile
Make no mistake lil mama go wild
Make no mistake lil mama got style

I might hit the club (club), Just to watch her strip
If I'm in the mood girl I just might tip
I might take you home, you might spend the night
Breakfast in bed cause I know that you like

Put you in the limelight
I wanna make you mine cause damn you so fine
You stay on my mind, you're one of a kind
By now you should know that I can't tell a lie

Body so raw make a man wanna cry
She got me so sprung, that I cannot deny
She always look fly, she ain't even gotta try
I just wanna know if you might wanna ride

Hook 2x
I might make you laugh (laugh)
I might make you smile (Smile)
I might make you scream (Scream)
I might make you mine (Mine)

Verse 2 (Big Money)
Baby girl up my mind, making me crazy
Find more similar lyrics on feel a little hazy, her voice make me dazy
Wow, She got cute lips
A round dreamy face, body like a model

Face like an angel (yea)
Her eyes make me wonder, what could be under
Her cute shirt thunder, the 8th world wonder
(ok, feel me)

Thank God I found her, the jewel to my heart
It must be a dream she the jewel to my heart
The only lady, I shall ever love
Treat her special, mama flyer than a dove

Remember old times, the long sunny walks
Sippin crystal under moonlight
We made out late, till the sunrise

Hook 2x
I might make you laugh (laugh)
I might make you smile (Smile)
I might make you scream (Scream)
I might make you mine (Mine)

I might make you laugh (laugh)
I might make you moan (Moan)
I might make you scream (Scream)
I might make you mine (Mine)
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Lyrics to I Might
by Estro & Big Money

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