Lyrics to Forever
by Eurythmics

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[edit]Song titleForever
[edit]Artist nameEurythmics
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now that you're gone
Gone forever
But the day goes on forever

When we were young with time to waste
Everything was clear and good
Thought we could live for a thousand years
But yesterday is done and tomorrow's yet to come
You'll never know

Now that you're gone
Gone forever
But the day goes on forever

Yeah, yeah, yeah

And I remember when we were fools
Everything was me and you
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But yesterday is done and tomorrow's yet to come
You live and learn

Some people never take the time to try
The way you live's the way you die
The stuff of life's in short supply
And if it sometimes hits you strong

Remembering that things go wrong
The song of life is just a song
And everything goes on and on

Now that you're gone
Gone forever
But the day goes on forever

Yeah, yeah, yeah
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Lyrics to Forever
by Eurythmics

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