Lyrics to Showerhead
by Eve 6

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[edit]Song titleShowerhead
[edit]Artist nameEve 6
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Cheap shot hocked straight to the ear drum Is it
some sick sign of affection Violated and singed
with deceit Disgust from my head to my hands to my
feet Your face it gives foul taste Whether smiling
crying or denying I see your motives and you're
charged with fraud by me So take the hint and
leave I loved you while he was in you in the
shower Did (in joy and ecstasy) your eyes begin to
Find more similar lyrics on And if I may stop by when you're living in
the next town ten years down the road A good time
for a dime and a crushed cigarette making bets
with your body on the avenue Look into my eyes you
say and you'll see nothing but sincerity Almost as
if you've got some hope that you'll enlighten me
You're a head case story Just trust me you said
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Lyrics to Showerhead
by Eve 6

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