Lyrics to Wind it up (Live Performance)
by Eve

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[edit]Song titleWind it up (Live Performance)
[edit]Artist nameEve
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm sober gomme working
up a dollar baby
Is that ya? Tha crosswordz of ya
Is shiu the man I need?
Is shiu I know?
Is shiu the shit?
Uh huh
Wind it up yah!

Wind it up (for a big surprise)
Wind it up (live performance)
Wind it up (live the
performance of you)
Yoh, wind it up (yodas on
Find more similar lyrics on shiu vu lu ku)
Oh, wind it up (with
love ya graduate ya
with love)

Verse 2:
The eeeeend of this song's a fuck
Glamour and glass
In the fucky 17 nuts got a fat
I live in Love
So let's ex-pull

Repeat Chorus and Verse II

Repeat Chorus 5x
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Lyrics to Wind it up (Live Performance)
by Eve

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