Lyrics to C'est Ma Vie
by Evelina Sašenko

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[edit]Song titleC'est Ma Vie
[edit]Artist nameEvelina Sašenko
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
[edit]Brief notes2011 Eurovision 19. place, from LITHUANIA
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Great is the sorrow
But just look straight for tomorrow
When soon will shine at your face
Don't close your eyes

Those who went through desert
Passed never ending forever
They know my dreams will come true
As I sing to you:

C'est ma vie, je dis oui
No more rain around
I know I have found
Everlasting love for life
Love of mine, love the time

Time will give the answers
For all your great tribulation
Find more similar lyrics on we'll be playing in the sun
And feel like one

C'est ma vie, je dis oui
No more rain around
I know I have found
Everlasting love for life
Love of mine, love that shines, love of time

C'est ma vie, je dis oui
No more rain round
I know I have found
Everlasting love for life
Love that shines, love of mine
Love of time, love of mine

C'est ma vie
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Lyrics to C'est Ma Vie
by Evelina Sašenko

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