Lyrics to Still
by Even Rude

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[edit]Song titleStill
[edit]Artist nameEven Rude
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You'll know when the best of what you're gonna get
is in front of you. You'll throw it away for
something else that you might do. Big shoes are
fillable but still you run away when you're scared
No words, are gonna change your mind in time if
you don't care.

I've seen the lightening strike me twice, I'm not
gonna stand here and be targeted by you.


Captain my captain is it still happening? Is it
poetic that my life's in traction? Is it pathetic
that I need distraction from what I know is right
for me?

11 long haired friends of Jesus rolling down
Find more similar lyrics on in a chartreuse, microbus came across this
man, sawing on fiddle, playin' it hot, jumped upon
a stump and let me play your... what ever happened
to lazy days, when we would roll around in bed
counting fifty ways to leave your lover, of coarse
another than you, cause we'll be tight like Ike
and Tina before the night is through. Horrible
features of disaster, master, terrible creatures
and bound to roll past you, but you can't see that
at 3 in the morning, it's boring to be yourself
like the chipmunk storing but you better be
prepared, it's gonna be a long winter, of our
decent and falling won't stop here...

Talk to me she says in her prayers. I borrowed you
life, please don't make me give it back.

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Lyrics to Still
by Even Rude

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