Lyrics to Fine with me
by Everon

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[edit]Song titleFine with me
[edit]Artist nameEveron
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Caught in ambitions, but without any idea
Focused on expectations, but driven be fear

With irrational movements of no rhythm or rhyme
We are performing a most absurd play
All those actors are crazy
The director is on drugs
But I found it's the much better way

To look into the sun
And leave my shadow behind
Set sail for the open sea

So whatever may come
Or whatever may go
In the end it's all fine with me...

...I really don?t care
I'm arriving on schedule, only I don't know where

With your purse full of money, but
Find more similar lyrics on to spend it on
Too busy to get anything done
Always in a hurry, and still always too late
Your battle just cannot be won, you better look

Into the sun
And leave your shadow behind
Set sail for the open sea

So whatever may come
Or whatever may go
In the end it's all fine with me...

That journey we're on does not
follow our ideas and plans
We're clutching at deadlines and
schedules that never make sense
How stupid those things upon
which we all seem to depend
As long as the journey feels good why
care where it may end...
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Lyrics to Fine with me
by Everon

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