Lyrics to Good Day to Die
by Exodus

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[edit]Song titleGood Day to Die
[edit]Artist nameExodus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Woke up this morning and he,
he took a look to the sky
The sun was hot and glowing
decided today is a good day to die
He wasn't sure just how, no he didn't know,
but he knew the reasons why
No one saw this coming because
he kept it all inside
Out of control like a runaway train
desperate to end all his pain
You've got to understand there's
a better plan if you can open your eyes

You told yourself on your road to ruin
Today is a good day, a good day to die
Life to you is such a heavy burden
Today is a good day, a good day to die

Find more similar lyrics on that's what you wanna do?
Take the easy way out
Suicide's only for cowards,
is that what you're all about
Are you afraid of the world around you,
are you afraid of what might be?
Think of the ones who love you
all the things you'll never see
Out of control like a runaway train
desperate to end all his pain
You've got to understand there's
a better plan if you can open your eyes

Friends all around, yet you feel so alone
Today is a good day, a good day to die
Carry on and you'll find the
peace you've never known
Today is a good day, a good day to try
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Lyrics to Good Day to Die
by Exodus

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