Lyrics to Reflection
by Face Tomorrow

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[edit]Song titleReflection
[edit]Artist nameFace Tomorrow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can't place it, nor erase it.
I nailed it down, but it won't stay.
I'm trying to ignore it.
But nothing works. It seems
that I can't help it.

You remind me of someone else.
You don't fool me.
We can all see you are
lying to yourself.

And there's no one else
to blame for it.
If you make one mistake
you despise yourself

You remind me of someone else.
Can you hear me.
We can all see.
You are fighting with yourself.

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Then it hit me.
I did not see.
I am talking to myself.

I am lying to myself.
To my own reflection

Save yourself, save yourself
Come on down and save yourself.
Save yourself, save yourself.
See yourself and save yourself.

You remind me of someone else.
Now I hear me.
Now I see me.
I am fighting with myself.

You remind me of someone
Will you help me to complete me.
I am lying to myself.
I am lying to myself.
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Lyrics to Reflection
by Face Tomorrow

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