Lyrics to Fast Food Diet
by Faction

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[edit]Song titleFast Food Diet
[edit]Artist nameFaction
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Have no money but I have a plan
Not so funny I gotta scam
Home cooked meals are not for me
I gotta eat out tonight, can't you see
Jack in the Box, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut,
Burger King, Taco Bell, 7-11, Foster
Freeze, Baskin Robbins
Find more similar lyrics on'm on a fast food diet, I need that greasy diet
On a fast food diet, maybe you should try it
Mom works late so she won't cook
She wants me to read the recipe book
Shine that mom, give me some money
Betty Crocker's way too funny.
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Lyrics to Fast Food Diet
by Faction

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