Lyrics to Kamikaze Cappa
by Falco

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[edit]Song titleKamikaze Cappa
[edit]Artist nameFalco
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Going with Company "E" to the first wave
I moved to get a close up
The first soldier of the
opposite party stopped midway
And cried.
Are these the shots you're waiting for?
The shots of blood and pain
are the ones you're
Waiting for
The U.S. Medal of Freedom will
never bring back life to the
Death I've seen
The goal of my life
I would like to be an unemployed war reporter
Pablo Picasso
Francois Gilot
Ingrid Bergman
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They all knew I'm a gambler,
corresponding with death
They know that life is white
light, slightly out of focus
Kamikaze Cappa always on the road
Kamikaze Cappa ein Bild für den Tod
Kamikaze Cappa at the speed of life
Kamikaze Driver
You're the sunset diver
You're the sunset diver
Walking with a column of French soldiers
In Thai Ping, Indochina
May 25, 1954 at 2:55 PM, Robert
Cappa, born as Ernest Andre
Friedmann 1913 in Hungary, stepped on a mine
The Vietnamese Lieutenant said
"Le photograph est mort."
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Lyrics to Kamikaze Cappa
by Falco

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