Lyrics to Royal Galley
by Falconer

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[edit]Song titleRoyal Galley
[edit]Artist nameFalconer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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By the rail he stands, on black waves he rides
The tomorrow belongs to him and the queen by his side
Do not fear the storm, master the oaken galley
And be brave at heart for your king and country

Turn the prow towards the storm
For it's too late to turn back

Royal galley under the sky
Ohh, ohh
Breaking waves oh, so high
Ohh, ohh

The ship is swaying, great white sails are torn
Work harder faithful crew or you'll do nothing more
The firm hand of doom, makes the ship heal
Rocking out of control, bending up its keel

The imposing galley twists and turns
Struggling in the wild waves

Royal galley sailing no more
Ohh, ohh
The ship is doomed forevermore
Ohh, ohh

Royal galley sailing no more
Find more similar lyrics on, ohh
The ship is doomed forevermore
Ohh, ohh

Panic and agony hands in the cold air
As we're heading towards our destiny
The figurehead is going down towards the black end
Never to be seen again crossing the seven seas
Clashing waves are our tragic requiem
Since the maiden voyage was the last to be

The golden flagship of the fleet
Is heading for its deepest grave

Royal galley lost at sea
Ohh, ohh
Down in the deep, restin' in peace
Ohh, ohh

Royal galley lost at sea
Ohh, ohh
Down in the deep, restin' in peace
Ohh, ohh

Royal galley lost at sea
Restin' in peace
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Lyrics to Royal Galley
by Falconer

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