Lyrics to Barmy
by Fall

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[edit]Song titleBarmy
[edit]Artist nameFall
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Out of England, I dream of
it's green memory
When I'm there I dwell on Saxony.
In Turkey when I've been
due to World War I
Istanbul is the place
'cos of my birthday.
I am barmy
You were barmy
I got everything
I got everything I want
except for hungry
I got everything I want
except for money.
I've got the best round set
aside for parties
I'll have one when I've gone
In fact, they said to, good one.
I am barmy
You were barmy
Friends disintegrate but there
are circles ? ?
Residue after years of fab genius
Find more similar lyrics on a pension for the jews
and a medal from the
company which I wiped
my butt on
and hung on a laburnum tree.
I am barmy
You been barmy
I am barmy
You were barmy
Just call me the first
repeat 10 times
I lay waiting hopefully on
sloped grass grey
I am barmy, feeling barmy
A dramatic verse
repeat 3 times
The programs lot
We break into tune
Take and bring a word
Ring a buzzer
Take and bring a word ( " )
A dramatic verse
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Lyrics to Barmy
by Fall

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