Lyrics to Face Down
by Family Force 5

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[edit]Song titleFace Down
[edit]Artist nameFamily Force 5
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I shut my eyes in search for sleep
Tossed and turned in hope of dreams
Awakended by a voice that was so clear
It felt so near to me
I want you love i need your touch
I've been missing you so much
I reach out for your hand
And now it feels like i am falling
Down, down, down,
Till i kiss the ground, ground, ground

Falling with my face down
Giving up me, myself, and i
A bitter sweet taste to
swallow my pride now
Face down where i stay now
Find more similar lyrics on you see me standing up again
Just knock me back down so i
can live face down
Face down

I'm on my face agian
It's where i should have been
Brings me back to where i found you
Where i first fell for you
No more depending on myself
It's you and me and no one else
You stretch out your hand
And now it feels like i am falling into
Love, love, love
Can't get enough of love

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Lyrics to Face Down
by Family Force 5

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