Lyrics to My Sanctuary in Solitude
by Farmakon

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[edit]Song titleMy Sanctuary in Solitude
[edit]Artist nameFarmakon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Even though the rain won't stop falling
and the winds howl outside
I do not fear, for every breath I take
they're losing me

A faint scent of summer
Still haunts in my mind
I'll hold on to it
I'll take it with me into my dreams

Somewhere between illusion and reality
I follow this familiar path
It's slowly getting warmer
As I close my eyes

I tell myself a tale of happiness
to guide me through the twilight
Find more similar lyrics on by the perfect world
opening in front of me
I stand still

I remember it all
I remember every single tree
and the shape of every single cloud
But still I will be coming back here
over and over again

I'm taken by the road that leads me forth
Forever in gratitude to you
for giving me my wings
You are my dawn, you are my hope
You are the sign of spring
for all is not lost
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Lyrics to My Sanctuary in Solitude
by Farmakon

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