Lyrics to Divebomb
by Feeder

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[edit]Song titleDivebomb
[edit]Artist nameFeeder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do you see what you wanna see?
When you reach the age of sixty-three?
I can't even believe it, I'm
waking, chewed up and dented

Divebomb! Time's gone!
Divebomb! Time's gone!

Checking, checking the statements
Dreading living on pensions
Find more similar lyrics on don't wanna believe it, I'm
drinking, just to forget it

Divebomb! Time's gone!
Divebomb! Timebomb!

Divebomb! Timebomb!
Divebomb! Time's gone!
Divebomb! Timebomb!
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Lyrics to Divebomb
by Feeder

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