Lyrics to Shade
by Feeder

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[edit]Song titleShade
[edit]Artist nameFeeder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Would it always be the same
Give it all to reason
Let me down
You watch me drown
Hold me down I can't explain
Though I never
could - that's the
Fight about the plate again,
Climbing up to free myself.
I don't need this
Innovation comes
Do you really know
I'm falling
I just fall into shade
All I wanna do is pray
Give me back the freedom
If it comes the only way
Clearance sets me free
... twist and turn
Looking at the same thing
Flicking back the pages
Just enough for me
to see myself
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Innovation comes
Do you really know
I'm trying to believe
As life turns on
Do you see it
Do you really know
I'm falling
I will fall into space
As funny though it seems
That I can dream a little
It's pulling me inside
The wheels still turn the sun
Touch my face
...back home
I don't need this
Innovation comes,
I'm trying to believe
As life drags on
Do you see it
Do you really know
I'm falling
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Lyrics to Shade
by Feeder

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