Lyrics to Side By Side
by Feeder

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[edit]Song titleSide By Side
[edit]Artist nameFeeder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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28, looking good
She's a fire, she's a fire, she's a..
It's been a way since she was born
Modern life poker lives
She carries the bruises upon her face
It's been a way since she was born

What are you gonna do?
I said what are you gonna do?

This is a call to you
To take away the pain
I'm giving it all to you
Tomorrow's may be too late
Can't stop the violence of youth
Into the ashes
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Suddenly I can see
She's a fire (fight?) she's a fire (fight?) she's a..
It's been a way since she was born
City lights, broken lives, so much sorrow on the streets
It's been a way since she was born

What are you gonna do?
I said what are you gonna do?


This is the right time, this is the right time

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Lyrics to Side By Side
by Feeder

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