Lyrics to Living in a Trance
by Ferlin Husky

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[edit]Song titleLiving in a Trance
[edit]Artist nameFerlin Husky
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You cast the spell on me the first time we met Be
wished and enchanted at first glance Hypnotized by
your command let you get the upper hand now I'm
living in a trance Living in a trance in a world
of lost romance I never had a chance living in a
Find more similar lyrics on Captured by your charms living just for you
I was happy in our make believe romance I never
knew then the spell you had me in now I'm living
in a trance Living in a trance in a world of lost
romance I never had a chance living in a trance
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Lyrics to Living in a Trance
by Ferlin Husky

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