Lyrics to Hate
by Fiction Plane

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[edit]Song titleHate
[edit]Artist nameFiction Plane
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We’re cool we’re different
And we hate things
Yeah we hate things
We hate people

Take a stand and we will cut you down
Be yourself and we’ll call you a liar
Be somebody else and we’ll
set you on fire
Keep yourself to yourself and
we don’t care if you die yeah

Don’t tell me to look at myself
I know that I don’t exist
I am perfect and I don’t exist
In your stupid human world

Before you tell me what you
think’s in my mind
Find more similar lyrics on’s something there that I’ve been
trying to find
About the day that I woke up to decide
The world is ugly and I want to be blind

Take a minute to think what’s right
You’ll be up until the end of the night
Best forget that peoples’
problems are there
Turn on the tv, sit there and stare

Just what’s wrong with us
is hard to explain
You know it’s easier to kill than create
Building happiness it seems
there’s no time
We spend our days here thinking
love is a crime
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Lyrics to Hate
by Fiction Plane

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