Lyrics to Sick of Being Lonely (Remix)
by Field Mob & Trina

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[edit]Song titleSick of Being Lonely (Remix)
[edit]Artist nameField Mob
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm so sick of being lonely
Every night while my man goes out with his homies
I wanna know how it feels to be loved, be loved

Interlude (sung)
Any other night, you'd be at home waitin'
on me, yeah (What's goin' on?)
Any other night, you'd be actin' like a
bugaboo, ooh (What's goin' on?)
Any other night, you'd be callin' me,
stallin' me, ha (What's goin' on?)
Any other night, I can guarantee a page
from you, ooh (What's goin' on?)

Verse 1
Hmmm, but tonight seem different
Man, it's about this fishy (I'm so confused)
Cuz I ain't even get shhhh
My wife ain't hit me on my pager or cell
And when I CALL HER, I keep gettin' the damn voice mail
What's goin' on? Yeah I know I'm wrong
For goin' and comin' home at 'bout four in the mornin
'Hopin' ya "Home Alone" like Caulkin
But I picked the wrong time, and respect will be expected

Chorus - repeat 2X

Verse 2: Trina
You can't play the Diamond mommy foolish like Ashanti
Find more similar lyrics on gotta convince me nigga if you really want me
Tell me what happened to the Tiffany gifts
And all the quality time and Caribbean trips
Now you creep with them freaks every night of the week
I'll see you 7:45 by the side of ya streets
I'm sick of bein lonely, I'm ready to creep
You out trickin with ya homies, I'm hittin the streets


Verse 3
I'm so sick of bein' lon-
AHH, don't finish yo statement
You alone call me, I'll be yo replacement
Put me in the game coach, you can let that lame go
Let me lick you on your neck and go down to yo ankles
Cuz ain't no mo' better, freakier feller
From the Field to creep wit', when ya guys are dummy
Honey you lookin' good, and mo' gooder
than a late of neck bones
Tenderized and yummy, the Energizer
bunny can't compete with me
Cuz I be goin' and goin', rowin'
With mo' motion than ya ocean from night to mornin'
Hit it huffin' and puffin', breath stankin' and yawnin'
Something so pretty as you at home alone
That's unbelieveable, like when the cow jumped over the moon
Now, I never put nothin' before you
That's like eatin' cereal, pickin' a fork over a spoon
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Lyrics to Sick of Being Lonely (Remix)
by Field Mob & Trina

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