Lyrics to To Offer Resistance
by Fight Back

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[edit]Song titleTo Offer Resistance
[edit]Artist nameFight Back
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The daily war between Human and System
was hidden behind faceless paragraphs.
It's a most complicated way to understand
this form of existence

Extinct attention's algorithm,
Conclude ruination's entity,
Stalemate for drenched cranial test,
For authoritarian trinity.

This day of never coming dawn
Before the cursed sunset
Find more similar lyrics on sluggish brains conducted spawn
Lick corporative ass knee-deep in shit.

Don't wage meat war for change this path,
Don't would be allowed it's your really bugs-
Coz' the sleek-sight worshipers sucks,
When cling to an image slugs!

Don't break your voice before their scorns,
Just save your arguments in the initial forms.
Be aware of your own mind,
Don't release the false conscience's responses.
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Lyrics to To Offer Resistance
by Fight Back

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