Lyrics to For all Centuries
by Fine China

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[edit]Song titleFor all Centuries
[edit]Artist nameFine China
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We had a party in the summer, there gathered
family, friends and others. Warm nights were made
for such as these, let's go out walking in the
trees. I want to take you there, back to the place
that we adore. I want to take you there, back to
the place that we adore. Can't you see, we'll
be in love for all centuries, can't you see? We
Find more similar lyrics on a party in the summer, there gathered family,
friends and others. All holding hands we walk in
line, out to the party on the brine. I knew that
you'd be there, I knew that things would just
get better. Listen to children sing, a song that
will last forever.
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Lyrics to For all Centuries
by Fine China

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