Lyrics to Cha cha cha
by Finzy Kontini

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[edit]Song titleCha cha cha
[edit]Artist nameFinzy Kontini
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Baby, get on my cadillac
Oh, no, I wanna dance my cha cha

Listen to this magic sound
Baby, you just can't feel down
Rock'n'Roll, rhythm and blues
Honey, you don't need to choose
Join me so in my dreams
Shining fish and lovely scenes
If you know where to go
Stand by me in my fantasy

I wanna dance
Do you like cha cha cha?
Let's make a romance on my cha
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Everywhere it's spreading out
People are moving at this sound
Standing close
We'll excite
In this magic sweety night


Honey, do you like my cha cha?
It's fantastic

Dance for me

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Lyrics to Cha cha cha
by Finzy Kontini

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