Lyrics to New Perspective
by Fireflight

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[edit]Song titleNew Perspective
[edit]Artist nameFireflight
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I always thought I had it figured out
No need for the benefit of the doubt
I could never look beyond what
I could see I was in control and it was all about me
I'm so sick and tired
Of this selfish life... I want more

Reach up, reach out
This house is burning down
These walls we've built are caving in
Reach up, don't give up
We're standing on the ashes
With a clearer view and a new perspective

I can feel the hardness breaking up inside
Shattered by the tears falling from their eyes
I just want to push beyond the boundaries
Surrendering all control 'cause it's not about me
Find more similar lyrics on're so sick and tired
Of our selfish lives... they need more

Reach up (we know they need us)
Reach out (and they're all around us)
This house is burning down
These walls we've built are caving in
Reach up (it's a new beginning)
Don't give up (with the love we're giving)
We're standing on the ashes
With a clearer view and a new perspective

We need to open up our eyes
See it written on their faces?
We are running out of time
Is there no one who will save them?
I'm reaching out
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Lyrics to New Perspective
by Fireflight

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