Lyrics to Take a Down
by Fireside

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[edit]Song titleTake a Down
[edit]Artist nameFireside
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In a car
Not her own
Owned by someone called
her man for all time

On her way
To a house
To a couple she call
sir and dear mom

She's afraid
It's her plan
To reveal the
dissapointing things
she's done

And all the gin
Why can't 30 years of
lying be undone

On a chair
Face to face
Find more similar lyrics on achievement of her
lifetime is so

It's OK
Let it out
And i knew she said
she knew that we would
help her

No one's mad
Only sad
And a heavy weight inside
her's gone forever

What is wrong?
You're at home
And she went away to where
she allways wanted

Something in her died so long ago
I thought she'd
never come to know
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Lyrics to Take a Down
by Fireside

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