Lyrics to It's so hot i'm Going to Have a Heatstroke
by Five Iron Frenzy

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[edit]Song titleIt's so hot i'm Going to Have a Heatstroke
[edit]Artist nameFive Iron Frenzy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hetzaw! Gibbus Getoomababeeew. nama nama nama na
me mew. its so hot gonna have a heat strokah.
wraped up on the mew. Huh! nemie nemie nemie nemie
nemie nemie nemie nahhh Gonna get hot the heat
strokuhhh. Hizzahh huh Olbuhhh the goo goh Za po
nip the mehpee. yow do nip the peepah,
peepeepeepeeteetahhhh gimme nemee nemuh the peepah
gimme nemee nemuh the peepah za pie da ta
peepeetapatee shampoo in my head. Its so hot gonna
Find more similar lyrics on a heat strokah. huhhh its so hot im gonna get
the the the... hah o dotututututdadahdahdahdaht,
behhhw yebatunenenenenenenedehdeeedeee... hyahh
betaw sa baw da ba dew.
nimieneemeenimieniminimieneemeeneemee nimie i got
ta babethaplathla betaw sa baww da ba dew betaw
sabadabadeebee baw pa ba pa dew How thats a goot
hits ligh pie.
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Lyrics to It's so hot i'm Going to Have a Heatstroke
by Five Iron Frenzy

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